Reap profits from ‘likes’ and ‘clicks’

Social media has marked an unparallel mark in the business spectrum. It has enormously uplifted businesses at different levels. While, business firms are turning to online to sell their products and services, print companies aren’t staying behind to leverage this tool.

Content sells like hot cakes at the web. The print organizations are working hard on collaborating and curating content for more user engagement at the online platform. The major aim lies in reaching the audience and connecting with them. Few initiatives which have been taken in recent past include:

Website Content: Lot of stress is being put on the website, its design and content. Especially, news portals are curating content according to the latest web trends. The writers focus on developing keyword rich content which easily gets high ranking at the major search engines like Yahoo! Bing, Google and others. This helps the print companies to stay up and reach their people at one click. Take a look at the Times of India, Hindustan Times and similar more popular print media.

Facebook Fan Page: Who is not on Facebook today? And why should print stay behind? Almost all the leading print media companies are having strong Facebook presence. Their fan pages are garnering ‘Likes’ in millions. A separate team is allotted to work on Facebook which concentrates in areas such as cover photos, picture sharing and content creation. In recent past, companies are basking in the glory of Facebook wherein they are able to reach out to more and more people. In order to retain the fan following, moderators keep organizing contests, polls, quizzes and other contests.

Twitter: One of the most useful tools, Twitter works like a magic wand. Being a micro-blogging site, it helps in spreading news within a limit of 160 characters. Print organizations like Deccan Chronicle, India Today and few more are fully pitching on it to spread current affairs and other news items across all a continuums. Features like ‘Retweet’ and ‘Favorite’ are thriving the popularity chances of these companies.

Blogging: Considered as one of the most powerful methods, blogging helps in distributing content in all corners. WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are assisting immensely in sharing information. Content of all length can be posted and further shared across other social media platforms.

Are you optimizing social media to the core? If you are still at a burgeoning stage then look out for social media marketing companies. Let your content come out of the paper and speaks up!


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