Avoid Mistakes in Custom Website Designing in 2014

Web sites are a type of virtual online documents / resources that contain applications, images, information, product details, sometime tools, and business identities. A website design is established on the competent platforms such as ASP, PHP, Dot Net and loaded with advanced web applications. Thus, the customization is the prime requirement in providing a better user experience to the visitors and customers surfing the website.

A website is called as the heart of a business. It pulls the customers and pushes the business a step ahead. Hence, it is mandatory to think for ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas in designing a customized website to attract visitors and crawlers.

Here is the list of mistakes that the designers must avoid in the running year:

• Accessibility

Users’ access websites from various sources such as desktop, tablets, smartphones, etc. All such tech savvy gadgets have diverse browsers and screen sizes. Consequently, the designers have to make sure that the websites are compatible with all types of browsers, devices and screen sizes for decreasing or increasing the font sizes. Further, it should not affect the formatting or presentation of the web page.

• Audio & Video

Many agencies have described that users choose to listen audio or watch videos for understanding the web content. This latest formula is a hit. However, just make sure that the clips (audio/video) do not start automatically; instead there should be a feature to load the clips with an icon ‘play’ to comfort the users.

• Sizeable Flash

Today, the gadget market is equipped with diverse interfaces and operating systems. The time consumed in loading the flash components might differ according to the devices. Thus, it is always advisable to use sizeable flash components on a website.

• Standard Navigation

Do not confuse the navigation techniques. Let the navigation bar display links, buttons or scrolls to provide a better user experience with uniformity.

• Color Schemes

The users have always appreciated light colors in web design. It has been observed that websites with several color schemes always experience lesser traffic on the web.

• Ignore to Monitoring

Monitoring on a regular basis always assists in knowing about customers’ buying behavior, preferences, interests, and reasons for bounce rates.

There is a hope that designers wishing to develop an attractive, robust and comprehensive site will avoid these simple mistakes during the website development process in the 2014.


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