Easy Recovery from Manual Search Penalty

Ever faced search penalty? With the emergence of Google’s manual search penalty, it has given ‘your boss is calling’ feel. This sort of penalty takes place when a person via Google penalizes your website. This causes dire consequences such as loosing rank or getting delisted from Google rank. In this scenario, the offending website is flagged for reviewing (by algorithms) and further being checked by the webspam team. It is also termed as ‘unnatural link penalty’.

Even if one is hit by it, the site can recover from it. One can use Google Webmaster Tools, Google Drive and Spreadsheets. Following are certain steps that you should implement:

1. Let your site get set: It is extremely important to ‘clean’ your website. While ‘cleaning’, you need to fix the 404s, delete duplicate content, update your blog, eliminate keyword stuffing, and more. The objective is to remove the penalty and not modify the onsite SEO.

2. Download Backlinks: A site gets penalized due to certain “unnatural or artificial links pointing towards your website”. It is crucial to track the toxic links which are adversely affecting your ranking. These can be easily downloaded for free. You can do this – *Go to the Webmaster Tools* *Click “search traffic.”* – *Click “links to your site.”* – *Click “more >>” under “who links the most.” and click “Download latest links.”Download Backlinks

3. Identification of poor quality back links, spamming links, keyword-stuffed or exact-match anchors and removed links: It is suggestive to document every step of yours while you are cleaning up your website. The Google management requires a documented proof of all your activities. It is important to check all sites, and all those doubtful ones which look spammy – porn sites, different language sites, freehost sites, and similar. At the same time, observe exact-match anchors or keyword-stuffed and also, check ‘links to be removed’.

4. Seek Google’s reconsideration: In order to do this, you can simply go to the ‘reconsideration request page’. You can go to search traffic → manual actions and also, you can take a look at the Google’s tutorial. You should click “request a review.” and you will have access if you are a site owner.

5. Disavowing remaining links: Disavow tool is one of the most powerful tools. One should disavow links when you are removing them by contacting the site webmasters which contain the links.

Disavow linksUpload your text file list of links.
Go back to your spreadsheet tab, “disavow list.” Create a column titled “date of disavowal.” Add the date in this column.

6.Request a reconsideration from Google:

Go to the reconsideration request page. You can access this in Google Webmaster Tools: search traffic → manual actions.
Click “request a review.”

Manual Action


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