Check out what web design has to offer in 2014

2014 has started and it has hoisted the flag of more IT revolution. With the bang, IT companies are leveraging on technology and aiming to come with direction changing trends. The objective is to cast a spell on audiences’ mind at the same time, maintain simplicity. Also, the designers wish to retain the focus and make sure it creates an impression. Here is a descriptive note on the upcoming trends which are expected dominate the year.

Bigger images and aesthetics – As they say, “pictures speak louder than words.” Present day web designers prefer bigger logos to be positioned in all web portals. This helps in creating memorable impressions. According to the designers, bigger icons are easily recognized and are able to attract the visitors. The designers use higher resolutions and pixel images in order to attract the target audience. On the other hand, the aesthetics make a huge significance in the website development. Web design is a mark of art so, developers put in their mettle to create remarkable designs. The design should directly communicate your business and just not remain like a design. So make sure, your website has simple and attractive designs to draw audiences in 2014.

Web Design Trend 2014

Mobile-Cloud convergence – This is said to be the most revolutionary trends in 2014. Though, there are certain constraints with mobile that are processing power, limited memory, and battery life, when combined with data processing, cloud computing, and storage outside mobiles. One of the major challenges with mobiles is their storage issues. So, with the convergence of cloud and mobile, the storage capacity will enhance at a larger magnitude. The cloud offers massive storage capacity in gigabytes and terabytes. This convergence has been predicted to be successful as it will result in good

• Synchronization of data
• Improved scalability and reliability
• Enhanced ease of integration
• Anytime-anywhere access to business applications
• Rich user experience

HTML5 – The most preferred app platform -HTML5 is one of the most strong enterprise app development platforms and is expected to dominate during 2014. This way, one is able to create highly interactive and economical mobile apps with HTML5. Probabilities claim that upcoming all technologies will work on mobiles so companies should invest on mobile apps. Organizations are expected to invest at large on HTML 5 and make a way for creating applications. If you are looking forward to bring in an app which changes the direction then it is widely recommended to go for HTML5.

Responsive Web Design – It has been reported that huge traffic is navigated from mobile devices to websites. It is important to pitch on this and make mobile web design more and more successful. 2014 is expected to be more evolving and growing. It is expected to call upon more and more responsive web design for mobiles wherein mobile size is not going to be a matter. This is going to be cost effective and also offer strong screen resolutions.

Content – thy master – With the emergence of Panda and Penguin updates, companies are focusing on ‘content’. Looking at the stern actions by major search engines, organizations are concentrating on creating flat UI, simple designs and appealing typography to maintain user engagement. Your website content in 2014 has huge chances to bring in more client and higher marketability at web so make sure, your content remains flawless and miles away from plagiarism. It is a gateway to unbiased and strong online visibility.


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