Apple app store – A Game Changer

Apps are nothing but a revolution in many ways. They have redefined user engagement and usage of smartphones as well. People are more engulfed to apps as compared to previous phone use. Over the years, Apple has changed the industry of smartphone apps. The app store at large has influenced customers, pricing structure, developers, competitors, start-up companies and app marketers.

Apple app store

Apple was the whistle-blower of apps and brought app store into action. From the 552 apps to 950,000 apps, Apple store has come a long way. This app store has given immense opportunity to the users to download apps and run them. On the other hand, Google is equally a tough competition. As a matter of fact, Google owns 75% of the application market place.

app store trend

But Apple has an advantage and that is, its one version of platform. Considering the fact that Android has multiple platform versions, it gets difficult to download an app. Therefore, mostly apps debut themselves on Apple App Store.  This also enables people to develop apps as well. According to a prominent Forrester analyst Sucharita Mulpuru, the App Store has enabled programming amount of the curriculum. It has been researched that Apple has paid over $10 billion to the developers.

Apple is widely also known for the fact that it has reinvented and reshaped the digital space.  The objective behind this is, the product is readily available and accessible everywhere once delivered from application. As a matter of fact, Apple has come up with ‘pay less for an app’ concept where user is expected to pay a very minimal amount for instance $0.99. As a result, any user hardly thinks twice to download it. Apple is a game changer from the perspective of game franchisees, productivity apps, marketing and promotion.
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