LinkedIn’s Tool To Measure Content

It is raining content everywhere. You name a platform and it is flooding content. Be it a website, a mobile application or a social networking site – content remains the nerve of everything. How have you utilized content for your business? Have you invested in content marketing yet? This piece will talk about content, the marketing scenario and its dynamics at LinkedIn.

Survey claims 93% use the medium of content marketing. On that note, LinkedIn planned to develop a tool to measure the effectiveness of their content marketing activities called as Content Marketing Score. The calculation is done by measuring engagement generated from LinkedIn content divided by the total target audience.

The score measures the member’s engagement with that of your:

  • Sponsored Updates
  • Company Pages
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Employee updates
  • Influencer posts

Along with the score, you get recommendations on how to improve the score. This measuring takes place on a monthly basis and helps you in making required adjustments in your strategies. Also, you can find out how to engage more audience.

LinkedIn has a new section called Trending Content which features the ranking of the most resonating topics. Some of the topics include:

  • Automotive
  • Executive
  • Financial services
  • Health and pharmaceuticals
  • High-tech
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Small businesses
  • Students
  • Venture capitalism

When you click on these topics, you are able to come across content written on them from all around the globe. Articles along with sub topic appear in front of you. Over the recent past, LinkedIn has come a long way and helps people and ventures to manifest themselves at best.


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