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Essential Tips to Follow before Engaging the Services of a Reputed Mobile Apps Development Company

The changing mobile landscape that has evolved and matured over a period of time presents great potential for businesses. Statistics reveal that 1 in 5 people across the globe own a smart phone. This has escalated the popularity of mobile applications, which has now become dire need of the hour. Given this scenario, more and more users are turning to mobile application to accomplish a number of things. Businesses too are leveraging upon the tremendous potential of mobile apps to have a better audience reach in a short span of time.


As an entrepreneur, you certainly must be having some great app ideas. However, you would require engaging the services of a professional Mobile App Development Company to turn your sporadic ideas into reality. With hundreds of companies out there pitching in for their services, it becomes important for you to select the right one. By keeping the following points in mind, you can zero in upon an apt service provider for your needs.

  • Experience across Different Platforms: A reputed app development company will have the knowledge of developing apps across different platforms including ios and Android. Both these frameworks are mature and can be utilized for developing ideal mobile apps for your business. It is also worthwhile to check out the reviews and feedbacks of the company over the web.
  • Industry specific experience: It is worthwhile to look out for companies that have experience in your niche area. While there are companies that hold expertise in limited areas of finance, business etc, there are host of other companies that have expertise spamming across multiple verticals.
  • Quality: Yet another significant point to consider is the quality of work assured by the company you wish to engage. To do this, you need to install their featured apps on your smart phone. If you find them user-friendly and interactive, you can trust them to deliver you with quality services.
  • Meeting Deadlines: It is equally important to ensure that the company you wish to engage is good in meeting deadlines. So, if you don’t want to partner with a company that doesn’t respect timelines, make sure you read feedbacks of customers who have worked with the company in the past.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Spending hefty amount for an app development venture is not a cup of tea for everyone. So, it is essential to look out for companies that can provide quality services besides adhering to your budget. You can seek quotations from the companies that you have shortlisted, which in turn will give you a fair idea about the market trends.

With all that said, you would easily able to zero in upon the right Mobile app development company for your project.


Mobile Apps Marketing Can Help You to Build Your Business

In this era of growing technological development, common masses are tending towards more on application software. To fulfill the need of people, several mobile application development companies came forward to develop app interacting with the people day to day life. Under this circumstance, where there are too many app developers, to promote your mobile application you need a proficient app store optimization. This technique is very similar to seo for websites. With proper Application Store Optimization you can increase the number of visitors and thus can turn them into your business. And to the contrary if you don’t optimize your app at right time than chances are there all the money and time invested to develop your app will vanish.

App Store OptimizationAfycon technology is the market leader to provide Amazon store optimization. With our unique and result oriented technique we are capable enough to increase ranking of mobile app in a given time period. Because an app which is not visible to the user will not give business to its owner so bring your app from the vicinity of inaccessibility via reliable and experienced Afycon technology, app store optimization. We are into the market of app optimization from the time it evolved in the market so we are aware of its black holes as well as right approach so don’t just go for good when you have option of best available at affordable price. For more details kindly visit our website

Apple app store – A Game Changer

Apps are nothing but a revolution in many ways. They have redefined user engagement and usage of smartphones as well. People are more engulfed to apps as compared to previous phone use. Over the years, Apple has changed the industry of smartphone apps. The app store at large has influenced customers, pricing structure, developers, competitors, start-up companies and app marketers.

Apple app store

Apple was the whistle-blower of apps and brought app store into action. From the 552 apps to 950,000 apps, Apple store has come a long way. This app store has given immense opportunity to the users to download apps and run them. On the other hand, Google is equally a tough competition. As a matter of fact, Google owns 75% of the application market place.

app store trend

But Apple has an advantage and that is, its one version of platform. Considering the fact that Android has multiple platform versions, it gets difficult to download an app. Therefore, mostly apps debut themselves on Apple App Store.  This also enables people to develop apps as well. According to a prominent Forrester analyst Sucharita Mulpuru, the App Store has enabled programming amount of the curriculum. It has been researched that Apple has paid over $10 billion to the developers.

Apple is widely also known for the fact that it has reinvented and reshaped the digital space.  The objective behind this is, the product is readily available and accessible everywhere once delivered from application. As a matter of fact, Apple has come up with ‘pay less for an app’ concept where user is expected to pay a very minimal amount for instance $0.99. As a result, any user hardly thinks twice to download it. Apple is a game changer from the perspective of game franchisees, productivity apps, marketing and promotion.
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Get Android App Development Services With A Mark Of Excellence

Apps are making a strong mark in the global market. It’s a user engagement tool which has taken the world by storm. Among so many operating systems, Android is scaling high. There is huge progress happening in the section of android apps development. Are you looking forward to a service provider for app development? Get going with this blog.

Android Apps Development

Among so many companies, Afycon Technologies has leveraged the best of resources and technology. Associated with the most skilled industry experts, the android application development company works strenuously in meeting with the demands. With a proven track record of various Android based projects, the service provider works in the most efficient manner. Some of the benefits the company offers include:

  • Projects accomplished within the committed timelines
  • Strict adherence to market standards on a global level
  • Setting up of app trends in the industry
  • Keen ear towards client’s requirement
  • Following of in-depth research for ideas

With the passing time, the company has been working hard on varied sections of app development. The team makes sure that each time something distinctive comes out. Latest technology infrastructure is used to make sure that the app development misses nothing.

In addition, the project can be accomplished at the most industry based price range. If you are planning to get an Android based app then get in touch with Afycon Technologies. You can visit the website or make a call.