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Learn the Myths to be Avoided about App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the SEO for app store. Though frequently overlooked, it is actually an incredibly important opportunity for the app developers. However, there are certain myths that must be avoided when trying to gain more visibility and growth.

Let’s go through the myths, the avoiding of which helps in the apps store optimization.

Myth: Change your title often to adapt to high-ranking searches.

Truth: Pick a title and stick with it

Planning for amazon store optimization? Title is the most important element to take care of. If you think that creating different variations of the title and changing keywords will help your ranking, it’s time to think again. Changing of title frequently won’t help in your ranking.

To get better rankings, it’s important to pick a good title and stick to it. You can make it better by some simple tips such as:

  1. Keep it short as long title will get off in the search.
  2. Try to make it creative as a creative title is more likely to be remembered and can be successfully searched for.
  3. Make it unique and it your app will stand out from the crowd.

Myth: Keywords aren’t that important.

Truth: Keywords are important.

Use of keywords is a vital part of application store optimization that can’t be ignored. It is important for you to use the keywords in both the title and the description as well. But remember, you must use the keywords and not stuff them.

Myth: It’s all about the ratings.

Truth: Ratings are important, but not the end all.

Apps Store OptimizationAre ratings the most important feature of app store optimization? The answer is no. There is no denial of the fact that ratings are important. However, they are certainly not the most important part of your app optimization as the ratings have no impact upon a user’s likelihood to download an app.

App ratings though important, they aren’t very significant in affecting an app’s rankings.

Avoiding the above discussed myths and following the truths will lead to better visibility of your app store optimization.


What Is Behind the Success Story of a Booming App!

App store optimization is the process to enhance the overall visibility of mobile based applications over major app stores. Such mobile apps are based on multiple platforms like iPad, Window Phone, Android, iPhone etc. there are various app stores over the world of internet like Google play for iOS, iTunes etc.

In the same business context, ASO is extremely close of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Furthermore, ASO comprises the procedure that provides higher ranks to different mobile applications over multiple app store search result. Application store optimization also helps particular apps in getting top chart rankings. ASO market experts agree that higher ranking of a particular app over app store depends upon the expertise through which that app is designed. Now a day probability of any mobile app being found has eventually dropped since the number of apps over various app stores has grown up on huge rate.ASOSimilarly, this factor has conveyed straight message to marketers that an app has to increase its visibility. This is as important fact as design of an app is. If you are also in the same business and want your app to become succeed, you need to do everything so as to your app can be noticed within an app store. Like search engine optimization, you have to have technical knowledge as well as tactical business approaches, if you are thinking to optimize your app by yourself. What else you can do is to hire reputed iPhone apps development companies. This is make you free of cracking hard core enigma of app store optimization by every mean.

Added to that, app publishers have become more engaging business entity within the business of ASO. There are multiple tools and updated techniques, app store optimizers take the advantage of. The better app store optimizer you have, the finest result you will get. Good optimizers always ask you to draw the picture and then they start designing app. A lot of ASO service providers can easily be found throughout this globe with huge competition. And that is the reason why you can get ASO service at reasonable price.

Make your app more visible with Amazon store optimization!

In today’s world where everyone wants to increase sales and profit for their businesses, then reaching out to millions plays a very significant role. With the increased usage of Internet and related technologies, people are able to reach millions of other Internet users and provide their respective services to the potential customers. When website, optimization came into existence, since then numerous websites have been optimized in order to increase their visibility which in turn increases the sales. Similar to the concept of optimizing a website, now apps are also optimized on a search result of an app store. This is known as application store optimization.

There are different app stores which people use these days, among many popular app stores, there is Amazon app store. With the increased number of users of Internet, the app developers are seriously indulging in activities such as optimization of the apps. When you are optimizing your app on the Amazon app store then it is specifically referred to as Amazon store optimization. There are some elements which, if kept in mind can show a tremendous hike in the visibility and ranking of an app on the search results. First comes, keywords, it plays a very important role in optimization of an app. You need to choose an appropriate and relevant category for your app, and then only you can use the best keywords to enhance the visibility of your app. Apart from the keywords, you can also include simple phrases as well. Secondly, you can add an enticing description to your app so that more and more people are attracted towards it. Using bullet points is a good option as well. In bullet points, you can even include testimonials and positive app reviews that can surely increase the number of download.

The next very important element is about choosing a name for your app. The name should be original and more importantly, it should click the minds of the customers. After that, choosing the appropriate app icon is also an important thing. A good icon can leave a deep impression on the minds of people and can easily boost the number of downloads of an app. A good icon can only be the result of true imagination. It may take a long time when trying to have an original and unique icon for your app. So, if you consider all the above mentioned points, then probably you can gain much more profits in terms of increased sales of services and products through Application Store Optimization.

Use App Store Optimization for Increasing the Visibility of Your App!

Do you want to improve the visibility of your mobile app? App store optimization is a solution to your problem. ASO is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app such as iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone app in an app store such as iTunes or Google Play. App store optimization is closely related to SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. The process includes ranking higher in an app store’s search result. This is done because; higher ranking in search results and top chart rankings will drive more downloads for an app.

It is a young and evolving field and most of the people are unaware of methods of how to efficiently optimize an app’s visibility within an app store. But gradually, methods for App Store Optimization are beginning to be more widespread. ASO can be divided into three distinct parts such as finding the right keyword, ranking highly for those keywords, and converting visitors into users. Application Store Optimization is not limited to keyword related tactics only; it actually involves all Meta data available and accessible in the app stores, like icons, screenshots, description, and update text, and others too.

In order to market an app in such a vast yet competitive market can be tough. People, who look for the apps, go to app stores rather than search engines. There are some of the tricks following which you can stand out of the crowd. You need to involve SEO techniques early, along with placing the keywords strategically. You can also add keywords in the title, name, summary, and tags. Most importantly, you can add your keywords in the app description. You can improve visibility of your app by encouraging the visitors to give feedback. In case of paid apps, you can also offer free demo which will also enhance visibility of your app. Another thing, which you can do, is to create a website which caters to your app. You can optimize the website for search engine in order to gain the visibility. So, following some of the above mentioned points, your app can also gain popularity and benefits with the help of application store optimization process.

Improve Your app Search Results with App Store Optimization!

There are more than two million apps in the major app stores. So to get your app discovered is one of the biggest issues which the developers and app publishers are facing these days. If you are also among the developers or publishers then you really need to understand the importance of the various methods of marketing your app. Here some of the basic and most important techniques are discussed which will help you in optimizing the app in order to get your app easily searched in the search results. For achieving this result, optimization of the app is done which is becoming very popular these days. As, many people are getting indulged in this process in order to attain the desired results as soon as possible.

The process which is talked about is generally referred to as apps store optimization. It is the process which is used for optimizing mobile apps so that they can rank higher in an app store search results. The basic concept is that the higher the rank of your app, the more visible it is to the potential customers on the search results of the app store. The fundamental aim of doing ASO is to drive more traffic to your app’s page in the app store and the people can take specific action in the form of downloading your app. To understand the process of ASO, you need to have an understanding of your target customer base, which includes keywords that your potential customers are using to find the apps. After that, knowing the language is also important which your customer is using. So, if you are not using ASO, you are seriously missing out the benefits. You can even spend your time every week improving your ASO and can observe the meaningful impact on your app’s ranking and the overall success as well.

There are some main factors which highly responsible for the success of your app. The first one is the title. Always remember to place such a keyword in the title which has the heaviest search traffic. You also need to spend the time while searching for such relevant keywords. The moment your app begins to rank higher and gain more reviews then of course the news about your app will spread through word of mouth. You should monitor your competitors so that you can also realize how to compare week by week. Basically, you should know the keywords which the target audience is using the most. The title and keywords are the primary factors which affect the popularity of your app directly. Now, there are some secondary factors which also affect your app. These are total number of downloads and rating and reviews which your app is getting are also very important for your app. Once, the number of downloads, reviews and ratings are improved and done by more and more people, the more popular your app will become automatically. This is how some very small elements also affect the popularity and fan following of your app on any app store.

But the most important thing to remember is that, Application Store Optimization is a process which takes time and the results cannot be achieved within the time period of a few days. In this process you need to constantly monitor and constantly tweak over a period of time. The best way to improve your ASO means to understand and improve the various elements which are discussed earlier. Naming them again, title, keywords, total number of downloads ratings and reviews etc. To get the desired results, you surely need to invest time, and honest efforts. Doing so, you will surely have consistent driving traffic to your app.